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From: David Bradley
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However many of my best customers are a lot like me—they are a tad impatient, and they want
every possible method of achieving even better results, and achieving them faster.

That’s why I composed this letter for you. Please read it very carefully.

The Power Freedom System shows you EXACTLY what to do to get your home power plant up
and running. It’s simple and easy to understand. Though it does take time and not everyone
feels comfortable installing solar panels high up on their roof.

That’s why I want to do you a favor and let you skip all the hard work involved in assembling
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Imagine having a relaxing weekend while a team of certified professionals come to your home
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This "White Glove Service" Has Already Caught The Eye Of The
Power Industry... And I May Be Forced To Shut This Down Soon.

As silly as this sounds, the powers-that-be (the ones that run multi-billion dollar Big Energy
companies) want to shut me down, even the so called “green” solar companies.

They all know if people discover they can get an entire system professionally installed for almost
nothing, they will lose a ton of money and might go out of business as people start generating
their own power.

All they care about is profit. And they desire that profit at YOUR expense. That should make
you a bit more than frustrated…and that’s why I want something much better for you.

That’s why I teamed up with a network of certified solar installers all across the country and
right now I want to give my readers a one-time-only offer a chance to get this for yourself…
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Introducing Power Freedom PRO - Your White Glove Service!

Now You Can Effortlessly Have The Entire System Installed For You, Sit Back And Relax As
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Simply grab the Power Freedom PRO package and skip all the hard work involved in assembling
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Plus, you’ll get immediate access to PRO level tools, tips and tricks that I guarantee will save you
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"Done For You Installation Tools

And, As A PRO Member, You Get Access To My Secret "Free Power" Vault!

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As much as I’d like to promise I’ll be able to offer you this tomorrow – I simply can’t say that in
good conscious, knowing what I know about power company pressure.

What I can and will offer you is the absolute best price possible for you to upgrade to Power
Freedom PRO and when you act right now, I’ll reach into my own pocket and pay to have your
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Professional installation would normally cost up to $3,000 but it’s yours FREE if you
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I really believe your future and the future of this country is on the line – and that means making
sure you can get your hands on this right now.

However, Your Borderline “Insane” Discount Is Only Available To You
On This Page… AND Before I Run Out Of Money… So If You Close
This Page, This Offer Will Be Passed On To The Next Lucky Member

Just remember: the number you see below is the number of FREE Installs we can afford to give
out at this time. Obviously we can’t offer this service to everybody. For one thing it costs us a
LOT to offer this kind of “white glove” service.

For another thing I just don’t have enough trained techs to be able to help EVERYBODY get set
up and I refuse to work with folks who don’t conform to my personal standards.

Once sold out, I may never offer this again.

If you’re seeing this page it means you’ve *probably* got a shot at getting your upgrade

Yet if you wait too long you could click the button below and get a page saying “Sorry, Upgrade
Currently Not Available.”

And if you leave this page then you’re definitely not getting the upgrade and may never have a
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Sorry, that’s just the way it works. So you’ve got to make the smart choice right now.

Limited: Special Super Bonus!

As a special bonus, I'll give you a copy for the Power Freedom Printed Manual. There's nothing worse than having to step back to a DVD or your computer to get a detail or to figure out how to do something. That's why when you upgrade today, I'll give you a hardcopy, so you can keep it handy while your working. That's a $29.99 yours FREE!

Plus, if you order right now, I'll even ship it to you for FREE!

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In fact, here’s my ballsy promise to you: Upgrade to Power Freedom PRO today and I guarantee you won’t just save money, you’ll actually make money!

Even though I will pay to get your ENTIRE system professionally installed, I will let you keep the rebate the government is forced to send you for the cost of installation (That’s at least $450 back!).

Plus, you'll be covered by the same 60 day money-back guarantee, so you can take your time to decide if Power Freedom PRO is right for you.

That’s the GOOD NEWS. The BAD NEWS is that this massively discounted offer is only being
made right now. And once you click off this page, the Power Freedom PRO Package may never
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Due To The Pressure I’m About To Receive From Certain “Big” Energy Companies & The Limited Funds I Have Available For This FREE Install Program, I Cannot Guarantee The Power Freedom PRO Package Will Be Available For Much Longer

They say, “All good things come to an end.” Nothing could be more true when it comes to the Power Freedom PRO and the FREE Install.

Something this effective will always be a target of Big Energy…and that means, soon you may never be able to get it at all.

Not only that, but I just don’t know how much longer I can afford this. I don’t expect it to be around much longer. So I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get FREE INSTALLATION if you don’t act today.

So Act Right Now So You Too Can Experience Results Like
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“I can’t believe how easy this was. Everything was installed for me just like you said and I didn’t have to lift a thing. I can’t thank you enough."
– Jim E.

“I don’t know how I would have got all this done without the free install service you provided. I have already saved thousands thanks to your help. God bless"
– Dave P.

You now know how to get your own power system installed for free. I share this ONLY with my
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Just imagine, 75% lower power bills, never having to worry about rising electricity prices, all
without lifting a finger… and a happier you, will be the result.


David Bradley
Creator Of The Power Freedom System

P.S. Everyone wants to lower their power bills, yet most folks don’t have the time to install the
system themselves. As a dad myself, I know how easy it is for this stuff to get put into the
“later” pile.

Every day you DON’T get your system up and running, making power and saving you money is
a day the power companies are robbing you blind.

Which is why I want to PAY to have your system professionally installed, so someone comes
to your home and does all the hard work for you.

That way, you will experience drastic savings on your power bill right away… without wasting
your time or lifting a finger….and you will never have to worry about rising power rates again.

Like I said in paragraph eight, big energy is trying to shut me down…

Just realize that this is the only time you will ever see this offer again. I simply have to limit it
to those folks that a serious about generating their own power, and who want to slash their
power bill forever…

Everything Above For A Single Payment
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No thanks, David. I don’t want to save even more money and I’ll have someone else do the hard work for me. I understand this is my ONE CHANCE to upgrade at this price and that if I change my mind later it’ll be too late and I’ll have missed out. I appreciate the offer, but I’ll pass on having my Home Power Plant installed for me.